Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Reminders

I can imagine that most of you have such busy days that you've started to write daily goals in a planner, or place little sticky notes on your desk of things you need to do.  That's me too.  If I'm not doing it right this instant, then I better jot it down, because otherwise I may totally forget.
Life this way tends to take our eyes away from relationships and make us more "task" oriented.  While I'll not complain about being busy, I do want to still take time to remember the little things.

You see this week I was pretty much consumed with getting things done.  I was devoting time to prayer and praise in the morning, and then diving right into projects and chores.   There were so many requests for prayer, and some rather disheartening news from good friends.  So finding my focus was hard.  If you've seen my Instagram then you have an idea how messy my desk can get.  Because of the flying bits and bots involved with my crafting I tend to sweep my office multiple times a week to pick up stray trinkets and keep my feet happy.  In the process of doing that this week I came across this tiny seashell:

The funny thing is I haven't made anything with shells in ages.   As often as I clean my workspace it just seems impossible to have been there before without me noticing it.  I may catch grief for this, but I honestly feel like Jesus placed this little gem right where he knew I would find it.  Seashells have a special place in my heart, because I am a beach bum at heart.  This one is so incredibly tiny, yet so intricately designed.  I couldn't help but think while admiring it, that it's a little reminder, a little miracle.  How often do we forget the little things?  It's not so hard to do.

Because this little treasure reminds me of those little blessings, I've put it on my desk where I can look at it everyday. 
I don't want to ever forget, or be too busy to appreciate life's little reminders of all the blessings this life has in store.

                                                                 Happy Thursday Friends Xoxo

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