Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Hi there Blog friends.  Sorry I've been somewhat absent this week from writing, and sharing posts.  Lack of sleep, allergies and bad weather have left me a bit upside down in regards to organization.   The drastic temperature drop that we had following a cold front on Tuesday coated everything with a nice layer of ice.  Tuesday my electricity and my Internet were in a frenzy for the majority of the day.  It was somewhat magical to see everything green and blooming covered in ice, but it was melted by the end of the day and completely gone this morning.

                                             Icy Trees

The trees in the photo were so weighted down from ice that they lost a few branches, but I think they will survive and thrive for many more years.

The  hair bow I started working on for a client is coming along nicely and should be finished by tomorrow.  So I hope to get a nice picture of it taken, so I can share that with you all. 
The quiet this week really has been lovely, but I have missed writing.  The forecast is calling for warmer temps and sunshine this coming week, so I will be putting my "focus Daniel Son" mind set into action. 

                                            Hope to see you all again very soon! XoXo


  1. looks beautiful, what a pretty tree :)

    1. Hi Erin :) It was pretty to look at. We cleaned up the broken branches this weekend. Those two trees are survivors. Thanks for coming by to see me friend. xo